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CFP (Call for Proposals) documents:       

    Proposers shall refer to following documents;  

  • TG3c Call for Proposals (CFP): 07/586r2
  • TG3c Usage Model Document: 06/055r22
  • TG3c System Requirements Document: 07/583r1
  • TG3c Selection Criteria Document: 05/493r27
  • Channel Model Sub-committee Final Report: 07/584r1
  • Channel model Matlab code: 07/648r0
  • Cannel model Matlab code support document: 07/559r3
  • CM Golden set PHY simulation CM13: 07/580r1
  • CM Golden set PHY simulation CM23: 07/581r1
  • CM Golden set PHY simulation CM31: 07/582r1


   The Down Selection Procedure document has been approved - 05/692r3

  • Results of the Roll Call Confirmation Vote: 07/944r0 (2007/11/15)
  • Downselection proposers list: 07/844r2 (2007/11/13)
  • Downselection proposers list: 07/844r1 (2007/09/20)
  • Result of Downselection Ballot #1: 07/795r0 (2007/07/18)

PHY Proposals:

      November 2007 ( The merged Joint Proposals for the roll call confirmation vote)

  • 07/934r1: NICT + Tensorcom and 34 companies and organizations
  • 07/942r2: Tensorcom + Sibeam

      September - November 2007  ( 2 Proposals remaining)

  • 07/761r15: NICT and 34 companies and organizations
  • 07/760r3: Tensorcom and 6 companies and organizations

      July 2007 ( 9 Proposals remaining)

      Withdrawn or eliminated Proposals before July 2007

  • 07/703r1: Astrin radio: Failed in Down-selection Ballot #1
  • 07/686r1, 07/687r1: NICTA: Failed in Down-selection Ballot #1
  • 07/685r1: New LANS Inc.: Merged to 07/761r5
  • 07/691r1: IMEC: Merged to 07/761r5
  • 07/695r2: Motorola/ Phair: Merged to 07/761r5
  • 07/688r1: France Telecom/ IHP: Merged to 07/761r5
  • 07/694r1: IBM Research: Merged to 07/761r5

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