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The IEEE 802.15 Task Group 4d is chartered to define an amendment to the existing standard 802.15.4-2006. The proposed amendment shall be limited to defining a new PHY and such changes to the MAC as are necessary to support a new frequency allocation (950MHz -956MHz) in Japan. The amendment shall completely follow the new technical conditions described in Japanese ministerial ordinance. The amendment shall coexist with passive tag systems in the band.

Please follow the links for the PAR and 5C documents.

Current Status

A draft baseline proposal from Yokogawa and OKI was presented at the IEEE 802 Plenary Meeting held in Orlando, FL in March 2008.  Work has now started on preparing the draft amendment for review at the Interim Meeting in Jacksonville, FL in May 2008. 

How to participate

  • Participate by attending our Meetings.
  • Task Group 4d conducts their discussions on the 802.15.4d Private Mailing List.  You can learn more about the 802.15 Mailing Lists by pointing your browser here.


Who to contact with questions

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.

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