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Introduction and Need: 

UWB is the only technology that can provide safe and secure wireless access. Other applications include secure mobile transactions, and industrial manufacturing. It is unique in that it provides the most precise locating capability using the least energy of any wireless technology. For example; a single coin cell can provide constant visibility for years. UWB is unlicensed and co-exists with all currently legal radio devices without causing or suffering interference. The enhancements described in this standard will expand the security and tracking capabilities expand the market significantly.


The IEEE 802.15.4z Enhanced Impulse Radio(EiR) Task Group is defining a series of PHY enhancements to improve the capabilities of UWB devices using the LRP and HRP PHY clauses. MAC changes to support the PHY changes are also being made. Specifically, this amendment enhances the HRP and LRP UWB PHYs and associated ranging techniques. Areas of enhancement include additional coding and preamble options, improvements to existing modulations to increase the integrity and accuracy of the ranging measurements, and additional information element definitions to facilitate ranging information exchange. The amendment defines MAC changes to support these PHY enhancements. Typical range of the radio is up to 100 meters.


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