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The IEEE 802.15 Task group 5 is chartered to determine the necessary mechanisms that must be present in the PHY and MAC layers of WPANs to enable mesh networking.

A mesh network is a PAN that employs one of two connection arrangements, full mesh topology or partial mesh topology. In the full mesh topology, each node is connected directly to each of the others. In the partial mesh topology, some nodes are connected to all the others, but some of the nodes are connected only to those other nodes with which they exchange the most data.

Mesh networks have the capability to provide:

1.      Extension of network coverage without increasing transmit power or receive sensitivity

      2.      Enhanced reliability via route redundancy

3.      Easier network configuration

4.      Better device battery life due to fewer retransmissions           


  • Chair:                         Myung Lee
  • Vice Chair                 Ho-in Jeon
  • Technical Editor:       Allan Zhu
  • Secretary:                  Tae Rim Park 


After passing the first WG letter ballot, TG5 is entering WG recirculation Ballot to be followed by Sponsor Ballot.


  • Participate by attending our Meetings. Verify below when TG5 will be meeting next.
  • The TG5 conducts its business including major announcements on the 802.15.5 Public Mailing List <>.
  • You can learn more about the 802.15 Mailing Lists by pointing your browser here.
  • The TG5 Mailing List ( is converted into a member-only HTML mail archive which can be sorted by subject & date.
  • The TG5 will conduct teleconference calls in between sessions. Watch for announcements on the public mailing list. 


Meeting information about upcoming IEEE 802.15.5 meetings can be found here

IEEE 802.15 TG5 Project Main Documents

IEEE 802.15 TG5 Meeting Agenda/Objectives/Closing Report/Minutes

IEEE 802.15 TG5 CALL for Application and Proposals

  • Wpan Mesh Networks -05/0256r1
  • Mesh Pan Alliance Proposal -05/0247r0
  • Call For Proposal: January 2005 05/0071r0
  • Call For Applications: May 2005-04/267r0
  • Tg5 Cfa Response: Applications For The Mesh Networks - 04/311r0   
  • Applications And Usage Scenarios For Mesh-Wpan - 04/312r0
  • Applications And Usage Scenarios For Mesh-Wpan - 04/328r0


  • Timer Based Reliable Broadcast -07/0614r0
  • Real Time Deployment Reliable Multihop Networks -07/0618r0
  • Distributed Channel Time Allocation -06/0442r2
  • Sefl Managed Channel Time Allocation for WPAN Mesh- 06/0305r0
  • BOP Consideration and Beacon Scheduling -06/0351r0
  • Efficient Real Time network Addressing -06/0344r0
  • Dynamic Channel Selection -06/0227r0
  • Two methods for Transmitting power -06/0226r0
  • Mesh Networking for Low Rate Systems -06/0238r0
  • 15.5 Mesh Networks -05/0256r1
  • Analysis of Mesh networks based on 15.4 -06/0266r0
  • Solution for Exposed node problem -06/0267r0
  • Architecture for 15.5 Mesh Networks -06/0179r0
  • Mobility Issues for 15.5 Mesh Networks -06/0064r0
  • Efficient Address Assignment Mesh Node in real-time-05/0691r0
  • Resource Allocation and Admission Control Distributed MAC -05/0518r0
  • Bridge Device for Mesh networks -05/0523r0
  • Performance Improvement in WPAN using enhanced CAP -05/0522r0
  • Mesh Network Outline -03/393r0
  • IEEE 802.15 Request for formation of a Mesh Network Study Group -03/499r1
  • Dynamic Beacon Alignment in Simultaneously Operating Piconets (SOP) using the Heart beat approach - 04/135r0
  • Mesh Control Layer Overlay Approach for 802.15.X WPAN - 04/139r0
  • Managing the performance of ad hoc mesh networks - 04/211r0
  • Security Support in Heterogeneous Mesh - 04/212r3

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