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This standard defines PHY and MAC mechanism for Wireless Personal Area Networks (WPAN) Peer Aware Communications (PAC) optimized for peer to peer and infrastructureless communications with fully distributed coordination.

PAC features include:

• discovery for peer information without association,

• discovery signaling rate, typically 100 kbps,

• the number of devices in the discovery,

• scalable data transmission rates, typically 10 Mbps,

• group communication with simultaneous membership in multiple groups, typically up to 10,

• relative positioning,

• multihop relay,

• security,

• and operational in selected globally available unlicensed/licensed bands below 11 GHz capable of supporting these requirements.

Current Status

TG8 received NesCom approval March 30th 2012. The "Call for Applications" was issued. TG8 held its first meeting at the 802 Interim meeting in Atlanta May 2012. During this meeting, the group selected TG officers, had presentations on response of call for applications, and agreed to TG procedure and timeline.

TG8 had discussed Technical Guidance Document from September 2012 meeting.

TG8 finalized Technical Guidance Document and issued Call for Proposals in January 2013 meeting.

IEEE 802.15 TG8 Project Main Documents

How to participate

  • Participate by attending our Meetings.
  • TG8 conducts its discussions on the 802.15 TG8 Private Mailing List.  You can learn more about the 802.15 Mailing Lists by pointing your browser here.


Sessions & Milestones

Status Year Month Venue Agenda Closing Report Minutes


2011 Nov Atlanta 15-11-0754-00 15-11-0809-01 15-11-0848-01


Jan Jacksonville 15-12-0003-00 15-12-0065-00 15-12-0078-00
Mar Waikoloa 15-12-0097-01 15-12-0185-00 15-12-0174-01
PAR Approved / Call for Applications



May Atlanta 15-12-0225-01 15-12-0295-02 15-12-0300-01
July San Diego 15-12-0330-00 15-12-0426-00 15-12-0435-00
Sept Palm Springs 15-12-0447-01 15-12-0551-00 15-12-0553-00
Nov San Antonio 15-12-0591-00 15-12-0665-00 15-12-0666-00
2013 Jan Vancouver 15-12-0690-00 15-13-0088-01 15-13-0086-00
Technical Guidance Document / Call for Proposals



Mar Orlando TBD TBD TBD
May Hawaii TBD TBD TBD
July Geneva TBD TBD TBD
Sept Nanjing TBD TBD TBD
Nov Dallas TBD TBD TBD

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