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The IEEE 802.15 WG has introduced a new Balloting Tool to help reduce the cycle time in processing its ballots. The following information will help you understand the tool(s) we are using and/or the IEEE Balloting process.


We have introduced a new Balloting Tool; it is a Comment Formatting Tool and is a database application for creating, entering, and submitting ballot votes and comments.

It is meant to be self-explanatory. External documentation is currently minimal. The author will attempt to answer your questions. Bug reports and ideas for improvement, including new scripts, are also welcome.


  1. This is a standalone application. You don't need anything but Windows* or MacOS.
  2. It is a full database and data entry system. You can search, sort, edit, whatever.
  3. Under View, you will see "Browse Mode" and "Find Mode". In Browse Mode, you can tab through the data fields and enter things. In Find Mode, you enter the search term in the field you want to search in. You can use an asterisk as a wild card in any Find field.
  4. Built-in scripts (under the "Scripts" menu) allow the creation and export of ballot comments.
  5. The layouts (views) are selectable from the popup in the upper left corner. A number of buttons are included to switch between layouts, so you may never need to use this popup.  There are currently five (5) layouts: Front Page, CommentInputForm, Finish Instructions, Tool Form (checks to make sure data is entered (name, etc.) in the required fields.), Show Calculated Text Field (for formatting the output for the CSV file.), Print Format.  The first three (3) layouts are the ones you need to ballot and comment on a draft.
  6. We are telling our commenter's to not use the "~" but to type "approx." instead. The "~" is a delimiter in the import routine, so if a commenter uses it where it shouldn't be, it screws up the importing.
*Windows caveat: The application requires the files comctl32.dll and shfolder.dll. These files are not part of a standard install on the following systems:

e.g., in the Win2000 Service Pack 1 OS these files can be found here:


also, these files are found here:


Customers without these files can get them by installing Internet Explorer 4.x, or NT Service Pack 3 or later. Please see the Microsoft web site for more details.

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