IEEE 802.16 Working Group Letter Ballot #27

Letter Ballot #27 progress

Summary Results

Report Date Approve Dis Sum Approval
Approval Ratio
Condition Met
Abstain Ballots Members Return
Return Ratio
Condition Met
Conditions met
2007/06/21 228 1 229 1 Yes 11 240 267 .9 Yes 0 Yes+
+Final result

Ballot Details

[ Updated 07/06/21, 06:20 PM (MT) ]
Note: This report is infrequently updated while the ballot is open. However, you may check a real-time report of ballot submittals.

Name\Family Name\Given Letter Ballot #27
Abrishami Ray Approve
Agis Edward -
Ahmadi Sassan Approve
Ahn Dong Hyun Approve
Ahn Junbae Approve
Andelman Dov Approve
Arefi Reza Approve
Asa Masahito -
Barber Phillip Approve
Basgeet Dharma Approve
Baum Kevin Approve
Boariu Adrian Approve
Bogenfeld Eckard Abstain for Lack of Technical Expertise
Brandt Achim Approve
Branlund Dale Approve
Brooks Terri Approve
Cai Sean Approve
Carlo James Approve
Cha Jaesun Approve
Chae Suchang Approve
Chang Jae Hwan Approve
Chang Sungcheol Approve
Chayat Naftali Approve
Chayer Rémi Approve
Chen David Approve
Chen Wei-Peng Approve
Chindapol Aik Approve
Chion Hua (Mary) Approve
Cho Jaehee Approve
Cho Jaeweon Approve
Cho Kihyoung Approve
Cho Seokheon Approve
Choi Hokyu Approve
Choi Hyoung-Jin Approve
Choi Hyung-Nam -
Choi Joonyoung Approve
Choi Yang-Seok Approve
Choi Yong-Hoon Approve
Chou Joey -
Choukroun David -
Chui Jimmy Approve
Chujo Takafumi Approve
Chun Jin Young Approve
Colban Erik Approve
Comstock David Approve
Costa José Approve
Cudak Mark Approve
Cummings George Approve
Dayal Pranav Abstain for Lack of Technical Expertise
De Segovia Carlos Abstain for Lack of Technical Expertise
Demirhan Mustafa Approve
Dhaliwal Upkar Approve
Eastwood Lester Approve
Eklund Carl Approve
Elmdahl Per Abstain for Lack of Technical Expertise
Eu Jai Approve
Eun Yu-Chang Approve
Fahldieck Torsten Approve
Feng Shulan Approve
Fernaine Thierry -
Fong Mo-Han Approve
Freedman Avraham Approve
Fu I-Kang Approve
Gal Dan Approve
Giesberts Pieter-Paul Approve
Goldhamer Mariana Approve
Grandblaise David Approve
Gu Daqing Approve
Hahn Genebeck Approve
Han Jung Ho Approve
Harrang Jeff Approve
Hart Mike Approve
Henderson Gregory Scott Approve
Hsieh Ching-Tarng Approve
Hsu Hsien-Tsung Approve
Hsu Yuan-Ying Approve
Hu Teck Approve
Hu Wendong -
Humbert John Approve
Hur Yerang Approve
Hwang InSeok Approve
Ihm Bin-Chul Approve
Ikeda Tetsu -
Jeon Hyung Joon Approve
Jeong Moo Ryong Approve
Johnson Brian Approve
Johnsson Kerstin Approve
Johnston David Approve
Joo Panyuh Approve
Jung Young-Ho Approve
Kanai Takeo Approve
Kang Hyunjeong Approve
Kaplan Ted Approve
Kelman Ofer Approve
Kiernan Brian Approve
Kim Bong Ho Approve
Kim Changkyoon Approve
Kim Dae-Joong -
Kim Hyung Kee Approve
Kim Hyunjae Approve
Kim Kyeongsoo Approve
Kim Ronny (Yong-Ho) Approve
Kim Sang Youb Approve
Kim Sungkyung Approve
Kim Young-Il Approve
Kim YoungKyun Abstain for Lack of Technical Expertise
Kitroser Itzik Approve
Koc Ali Approve
Kong Peng-Yong Approve
Koo Changhoi Approve
Koorapaty Havish -
Korkmaz Gokhan Approve
Kuze Toshiyuki Approve
Kwak Byung-Jae Approve
Kwon Dong Seung Approve
Labs Jonathan Approve
Lamoureux Jules Pierre Approve
Lee Geon Yong Approve
Lee Heesoo -
Lee Hyojin -
Lee Hyun Approve
Lee Hyunjeong Approve
Lee Jin Approve
Lee Kyu Ha Approve
Lee Sang-Ho Approve
Lee Yong Su Approve
Lee Youn-Tai Approve
Lee Yung-Ting Approve
Leiba Yigal Approve
Levanda Matty Approve
Li Jiang Approve
Li Jun Approve
Li Shaohua Approve
Licitra Gaspare Approve
Lim Aeri Approve
Lim Geunhwi -
Lim Hyoung Kyu Approve
Lin Jiezhen Approve
Lin Tzu-Ming Abstain for Lack of Time
Lin Zhibin Approve
Livschitz Michael Approve
Lo Titus Approve
Loa Kanchei Approve
Lycklama Heinz -
Lynch Michael Approve
Maez David Approve
Maggi Giovanni Approve
Maheshwari Shashikant Approve
Mao Ronald Approve
Marks Roger Approve
Meddour Djamal-Eddine Abstain for Lack of Technical Expertise
Migaldi Scott Approve
Molisch Andreas Abstain for Lack of Technical Expertise
Mollenauer James Approve
Mont-Reynaud Ollivier Approve
Mulder Willem Approve
Na JeeHyeon Approve
Nagai Yukimasa Approve
Naguib Ayman Disapprove
Nakamura Kenichi Approve
Nakamura Michiharu Approve
Njedjou Eric Abstain for Lack of Technical Expertise
Nohara Mitsuo Approve
Norin John Approve
Odlyzko Paul Approve
Oh Changyoon Approve
Oh Min Seok Approve
Okuda Masato Approve
Paranchych David Approve
Park DS Approve
Park Jeongho Approve
Park Michael -
Patel Vijay Approve
Peterson Roger Approve
Piggin Paul Approve
Popoli Robert Approve
Poulin Darcy Approve
Puri Anuj Approve
Puthenkulam Jose -
qian nanjian (jeff) Approve
Qu Hongyun Approve
Raghavan Arvind Approve
Ramachandran Shyamal Approve
Reddy Ranga -
Ren Fang-Ching Approve
Riegel Maximilian Approve
Rubin Philip Approve
Ruck Herbert Approve
Rush Charles Approve
Ryu Kiseon Approve
Saed Aryan Approve
Sago Andrew Approve
Saifullah Yousuf Approve
Saito Kenji Approve
Sandhu Sumeet Approve
Sarris Ioannis -
Schaepperle Joerg Approve
Schlanger Gary Approve
Schumacher Joseph Approve
Seagren Christian Approve
Senarath Gamini Approve
Shah Jigar Approve
Sharon Ariel Approve
Shen Gang Approve
Sherman Matthew Approve
Shibayama Hitoshi Approve
Shim Jaejeong (Brian) Approve
Shyy D. J. Approve
Simkins James Approve
Sjoberg Sten -
Son Jung Je Approve
Stafford Robert -
Stanwood Kenneth Approve
Steer David Approve
Sukiasyan Aram Approve
Sung Sulyun -
Sydir Jaroslaw Approve
Sydor John Approve
Takai Mineo Approve
Takatani Yukihiro Approve
Tao Jeffrey Approve
Taylor Shawn Approve
Teo Koon Hoo Approve
Thome Timothy Approve
Tong Wen Approve
Tonnerre Arnaud -
Tsai Shiau-He Abstain for Lack of Technical Expertise
Ullmann Rainer Approve
Vadgama Sunil Approve
Valbonesi Lucia Approve
Van Leeuwen Richard Approve
Vannithamby Rath Approve
Venkatachalam Muthaiah -
Verbin Eyal Approve
Viorel Dorin Approve
Vook Frederick Approve
Wallenius Eero Approve
Wang Guo Qiang Approve
Wang Lei Approve
Wang Michael Approve
Wang Shu-Shaw Approve
Wang Stanley Approve
Wang Yanhong Approve
Watanabe Fujio Approve
Webb Michael Approve
Wieczorek Alfred Approve
Wu Geng Approve
Wu Xuyong Approve
Wu Yingzhe Approve
Xiang David Approve
Xu Kaixin -
Xu Ling Approve
Yagi Akiyoshi Approve
Yang Hongwei -
Yang Jen-Shun -
Yang Yunsong Approve
Yanover Vladimir Approve
Yin Hua-Chiang Approve
Yin Hujun -
Yoon Chulsik Approve
Youn Aeran Approve
Yuza Masaaki Abstain for Lack of Technical Expertise
Zhang Jinyun Approve
Zhang Kaibin Approve
Zhou Yuefeng Approve
Zhu Chenxi Approve
Zhu Peiying Approve