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Commentary is a database application for creating, entering, and submitting ballot votes and comments and for logging clause editors' recommendations, group decisions, and editor's actions. This software was written by Roger Marks for the IEEE 802.16 Working Group on Broadband Wireless Access using FileMaker Developer 5.

Commentary is meant to be self-explanatory. External documentation is currently minimal. The author will attempt to answer your questions. Bug reports and ideas for improvement, including new scripts, are also welcome.


Using "Replace"

You can replace everything in a particular field over a batch of records. For example, clause editors might not want to type their name in the the "Recommendation by" field each time. Here is a solution to the problem illustrating the use of "Replace":
  1. Clause Editor Jane Doe writes "jd" in the "Recommendation by" field for each comment she works on.
  2. Go to Find mode and look for "jd" in "Recommendation by". This will find all of the records "jd" worked on.
  3. Go into in browse mode and put the cursor in the "Recommendation by" field.
  4. Under "Records", choose "Replace".
  5. Choose "Replace with calculated result".
  6. In the box, write, in quotation marks ("Jane Doe"). Click "OK".
  7. Click "Replace".

*Windows caveat: The application requires the files comctl32.dll and shfolder.dll. These files are not part of a standard install on the following systems:

Customers without these files can get them by installing Internet Explorer 4.x, or NT Service Pack 3 or later. Please see the Microsoft web site for more details.

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