The IEEE-SA Sponsor Invitation Pool for IEEE 802.16 Draft Standards

After a draft standard emerges from a Working Group, it must still go through a "Sponsor Ballot" before it can be approved by the IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA). The voters in the Sponsor Ballot are the members of the Balloting Group. This Balloting Group is developed by the IEEE-SA.

To form the Balloting Group, IEEE-SA first forms Invitation Pools of people who are interested in participating in Balloting Groups in certain technical areas. Then, when a relevant draft is nearly completion, IEEE-SA invites members of relevant Invitation Pools to join the Balloting Group for that draft.

There is no fee or membership requirement to join an Invitation Pool. However, in order to actually participate in the Balloting Group, you must be a Member of the IEEE-SA, or pay a Balloting Fee.

If you would like to receive an invitation to join the Ballot Group for future IEEE 802.16 drafts, you should join the IEEE 802.16 Invitation Pool using the myBallot system, soon. The process allows you to join other invitation pools also. To do so, navigate to "myProject™ Home >> Manage Activity Profile." For IEEE 802.16, choose "C/LM/WG802.16", under "IEEE Computer Society" and " Local and Metropolitan Area Networks". For more information, see the myBallot/myProject FAQ.

If you are not an IEEE-SA member, you should learn about IEEE-SA Membership.

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