IEEE 802.16 Session #44

IEEE 802.16's Session #44 was held 17-20 July at the Grand Hyatt Manchester in San Diego, CA, USA. This was an IEEE 802 LMSC Plenary Session and co-located with sessions of the other IEEE 802 Working Groups and Technical Advisory Groups.

Summary and Key Outcomes
For full details of the activities, see the Session #44 Report.

309 people attended the session. A session document guide is available.

See the week's meeting schedule. The session was announced as including eight meeting intervals [Mon pm; Tue am; Tue pm; Wed am; Wed pm; Thu am; Thu pm; Thu evening]; Tuesday evening was later added. The participation credit minimum was six.

Meeting Information, Registration, and Hotel
Meeting Information, Registration, and Hotel Reservation Instructions are now available on-line.

Entry/Visa Requirements

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