IEEE 802.16's Relay Task Group

IEEE 802.16's Relay Task Group developed a draft standard under the P802.16j PAR, which was approved by the IEEE-SA Standards Board on 2006-03-30. The PAR addressed "Air Interface for Fixed and Mobile Broadband Wireless Access Systems - Multihop Relay Specification."

IEEE Std 802.16j was approved by IEEE-SA Standards Board on 2009-05-13 as an amendment to IEEE Std 802.16-2009. It was published by IEEE on 2009-06-12, which made it available for sale in the IEEE catalog. It became available free of charge via Get IEEE 802TM beginning in mid-December 2009.

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The IEEE 802.16's Relay Task Group Leadership Team is:

Mitsuo Nohara (Chair), KDDI Corp.
Peiying Zhu (Vice Chair), Nortel
Mike Hart (Editor/Secretary), UK Broadband
Jung Je Son (Editor/Secretary), Samsung Electronics

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