IEEE 802.16 Letter Ballot #5: Voting Report

Motion: See ballot form.

Opening date: 12 April 2002
Closing date: 17 May 2002 (anywhere in the world)


Report Date Approve Dis Votes Approval
Approval Ratio
Condition Met
Abstain Ballots Members Return
Return Ratio
Condition Met
Final Motion
Approval Status
2002/05/20 95 5 100 95.0% Yes 5 105 130 80.8% Yes 0 Approved

Ballot Details (Final)

[Note: "-" means "did not return a ballot".]

Name\Family Name\Given Vote
Agrawal Aditya Approve
An Song -
Antonello Gordon Approve
Arefi Reza Approve
Ariyavisitakul S. Lek Approve
Arrakoski Jori Approve
Audeh Malik Approve
Avivi Eli Approve
Baugh C.R. (Rick) Approve
Belec Yvon Approve
Benyamin- Seeyar Anader Approve
Bushue Carl Approve
Buskila Baruch Approve
Caso Gregory -
Chang Yuankai Approve
Chang Dean Approve
Chauncey David Approve
Chayat Naftali Approve
Chayer Rémi Approve
Chung KiHo -
Edmonston Brian Approve
Eidson Brian Approve
Eilts Henry Approve
Eklund Carl Approve
Erceg Vinko Approve
Foster Robert -
Freedman Avraham Disapprove
Garrett Andrew Approve
Garrison G. Jack Approve
Gieschen Brian Approve
Goldhammer Marianna Approve
Hadad Zion Disapprove
Hakim Joseph Approve
Harteneck Moritz Approve
Hebron Yoav Approve
Hunter Wayne Approve
Husson David Approve
Jackson Du Wayne Approve
Jacobsen Eric -
Jamali Hamadi Approve
Joo Panyuh Approve
Jorgensen Jacob Approve
Kaitz Tal Approve
Kasslin Mika Approve
Kelly Phil Approve
Kelman Ofer Approve
Kiernan Brian Approve
Kitroser Itzik Disapprove
Klein Jay -
Kolze Thomas Disapprove
Krinock Jerome Approve
Krishnamoorthy Rajeev Approve
Kwak Joseph -
Labs Jonathan Approve
Langley John -
Lee Chin-Chen Approve
Leiba Yigal Abstain
Leng Minfei Abstain
Levinson Moshe -
Lewis Barry Approve
Li Xiaodong Approve
Li Lingjie Approve
Liebetreu John Approve
Lindh Lars Approve
Lou Hui-Ling Approve
Lycklama Heinz Approve
Malkemes Robert -
Markarian Garik Approve
Marks Roger Approve
McKown Russell Approve
Mehta Sushil -
Meyer Ronald Approve
Middleton Andrew Approve
Mody Apurva Approve
Murias Ronald Approve
Music Wayne -
Nadeau Jim -
Nelson Robert Approve
Olszewski Kim Approve
Padan Uzi Approve
Paff Mike Approve
Patel Manish Approve
Peirce Kenneth Approve
Ponnuswamy Subbu Approve
Quilez Vicente -
Rafie Manouchehr -
Ran Moshe Approve
Regev Einan -
Reible Stanley Disapprove
Robinson Gene Abstain
Roehr Walt Approve
Rogers Shane Approve
Sarajedini Amir Approve
Sarca Octavian Approve
Sari Hikmet -
Satapathy Durga Approve
Scarpa Carl Approve
Schwartz Randall Approve
Segal Yossi Approve
Selea Radu Approve
Seller Olivier -
Shani David -
Shenhav Chaim -
Shirali Chet -
Simkins James Approve
Singh Manoneet Approve
Son Jung Je -
Sonander Sean Approve
Stanwood Kenneth Approve
Stewart Michael Abstain
Struhsaker Paul Approve
Sydor John Approve
Taylor Shawn Approve
Tellado Jose Approve
Tiram-Regev Ayelet -
Trinkwon David Approve
van Waes Nico Approve
Varma Subir Approve
Wang Arthur Approve
Wang Lei Approve
Wang Stanley Approve
Watkins Larry -
Whitehead Philip Approve
Whiting Robert -
Wise Curt Approve
Yanover Vladimir Approve
Ye Huanchun Approve
Yu Heejung Abstain
Zhang Wenhan Approve
Zyskowski Paul Approve

Comments from Disapprove Voters:

Hadad, Zion
I disapprove the voting due to the fact the major voting are corrently held on Fridays altought we have requested in the past to change the major voting to Thursdays (like it was in the Finland meeting). I think that the voting should be done on Fridays for fairness reasons if major voting days will be limited to Monday to Thursday I will vote approve.
Kitroser, Itzik
See comment from Zion Hadad.
Freedman, Avi
I am sorry I cannot make it to Calgary. Although I am not able to be there, I voted "approve" for the LB5, as I feel it is important to advance the standard, and I trust the people who are there to work in the best way towards that goal. However, I sympethise with Zion's comment to the letter ballot, which was also expressed by Naftali in response to the SEC rule changes. Having major decisions taken on the closing plenary on Friday, when most of those living outside north America have to leave, makes the quorum even smaller than it is. I would rather see the closing plenary Thursday night. For all its worth, if the schedule is kept as it is, I would like to change my vote on LB5 to "Disapprove".
Kolze, Thomas
I simply disagree with the principle that a minority of the Working Group, acting on short notice, draft a new document in one meeting and initiate a WG Letter Ballot for that draft. I don't see the wisdom in this nor the need for the haste. I am particularly in disagreement with this approach given that this came up on such short notice --- it was not planned or scheduled far in advance, like much of our WG activities have been. I, for one, want to attend the meeting but simply cannot. This meeting is far more important now than it seemed going into March. I would still respectfully disagree with this approach, however, even if it had been planned a year in advance. I don't see the need to empower a minority of the WG to draft a document and initiate a letter ballot in a few weeks' time.
Reible, Stanley
To fellow members: If the motion was more specific in its allowances or scope, I might be able to vote for it. In general, proposals of this type do violate both the intent and the letter of Robert's Rules.

Comments from Approve Voters:

Schwartz, Randall
If proper progress is made, we should proceed to a approval vote. But we should clearly take to heart the message that we should be focused on the completeness of the material.
Trinkwon, David
I understand that this is a Procedural Motion tied to the issues of Quorum etc at Interim Meetings, and does not bind the Group to adopting (only) this particular outcome (or any specific outcome) at the Calgary Meeting.

Comments from Abstain Voters:

Leiba, Yigal
I think that important votes should NOT be scheduled to Friday.