IEEE 802.16 Task Group C (Conformance)

IEEE 802.16's Task Group C (TGC) has developed a series of conformance standards, per ISO/IEC Standard 9646-7 (1995) and ITU-T X.296, in support of the the air interface specified in IEEE Standard 802.16. The standards/projects include:
  1. Part 1 (IEEE Std 802.16/Conformance01): Protocol Implementation Conformance Statements (PICS) proforma, 10-66 GHz
  2. Part 2 (IEEE Std 802.16/Conformance02):Test Suite Structure and Test Purposes (TSS&TP), 10-66 GHz
  3. Part 3 (IEEE Std 802.16/Conformance03): Radio Conformance Tests, 10-66 GHz
  4. Part 4 (IEEE Std 802.16/Conformance04): Protocol Implementation Conformance Statements (PICS) proforma, <11 GHz
The Task Group is currently inactive.
Documents The TGC Leadership Team is:

Herbert Ruck (Chair)
Navini Networks

Gordon Antonello served as Chair of TGC prior to Herbert Ruck

Ken Stanwood served as Chair of TGC from its inception on 19 August 2002 through 2 August 2004.

IEEE 802.16 Task Group c (TGc)

IEEE 802.16's previous Task Group c developed, under IEEE PAR 802.16c, an amendment to IEEE Standard 802.16 ("Air Interface for Fixed Broadband Wireless Access Systems"). The amendment covers "Detailed System Profiles for 10-66 GHz."

Draft P802.16c/D4 was approved as IEEE Standard 802.16c by the IEEE-SA Standards Board on 11 December 2002. To obtain it, see the 802.16 publication list.


The TGc Leadership Team was:

Ken Stanwood (Chair)
Ensemble Communications Inc.

Carl Eklund (Technical Editor & Secretary)
Nokia Research Center

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