WirelessMAN Web Links

IEEE 802.16 maintains a number of web pages and services using the WirelessMAN domain. In some cases, the WirelessMAN URLs are blocked in China. This table lists equivalent alternative URLs that should work there.

Note: The URLs are not case-sensitive. The capitalization of "WirelessMAN" is purely for visual affect.

Topic Primary URL Alternate URL
Working Group http://ieee802.org/16 http://ieee802.org/16
Upload (details below)
[Note: Use WG Member Password, or contact WG Chair for access]
http://upload.WirelessMAN.org http://dot16.org/upload
FTP Access to Uploaded Files (password blank) ftp://ftp@dot16.org@ftp.dot16.org/upload
Upload Archive http://archive.WirelessMAN.org http://dot16.org/ul_archive
Member Upload for Internal Task Group Activities http://memberupload.WirelessMAN.org http://dot16.org/memberupload
Calendar http://calendar.WirelessMAN.org http://dot16.org/cal
Calendar - subscribe, iCal format http://ics.WirelessMAN.org
Calendar - subscribe, RSS feed http://rss.WirelessMAN.org See this link for topic-based RSS feeds
Photo http://photo.WirelessMAN.org http://www.flickr.com/groups/WirelessMAN
On-Site Server http://lan.WirelessMAN.org

A number of direct links are provided to areas on the upload server:
Upload Area Primary URL Alternate URL
Working Group http://wg.WirelessMAN.org http://dot16.org/UL_WG
Task Group m http://tgm.WirelessMAN.org http://dot16.org/UL_TGm
Relay Task Group http://relay.WirelessMAN.org http://dot16.org/UL_Relay
License-Exempt Task Group http://le.WirelessMAN.org http://dot16.org/UL_LE
Maintenance Task Group http://maint.WirelessMAN.org http://dot16.org/UL_Maint
WG Letter Ballot #26 (etc.) http://lb26.WirelessMAN.org http://dot16.org/UL_lb26
Liaison http://liaison.WirelessMAN.org http://dot16.org/UL_Liaison
Temporary Files http://temp.WirelessMAN.org http://dot16.org/UL_temp

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