IEEE P802.17 Maintenance Requests
Closed Requests

MR # Status Standard Subclause Date Subject
0014 Rejected 802.17-2004 6.4.1 11-Mar-05 There is no way to configure the MAC to not operate in a strict ordered mode for clients that do no support the strict_order parameter
0015 Rejected 802.17-2004 D.5 11-Mar-05 No specified manner to collect summary stats associated with rprSpan*Group and rprClient*Group MIBs.
0018 Withdrawn 802.17-2004 B. 13-Mar-05 802.3 MAC attributes were mistakenly added to the PacketPHY.
0027 Rejected 802.17-2004 12.4 13-Mar-05 The OAM service primitives and the MIB allow specification of a mac_protection parameter.
0036 Rejected 802.17-2004 11.6.1 13-Mar-05 The figure shows two links that don't exist.
0037 Rejected 802.17-2004 13-Mar-05 This allows an FS to be replaced by an MS.
0047 Rejected 802.17-2004 14-Mar-05 A station may become the head of a congestion domain based solely on the rate of transiting non-reserved traffic.
0049 Rejected 802.17-2004 14-Mar-05 Table 7.10 Row 4 does not cover the case in which there are multiple frames waiting, and only some were sent.
0053 Rejected 802.17-2004 D.6 15-Mar-05 The control frames counters in RprSpanCountersStatsEntry are in the wrong location.
0055 Rejected 802.17-2004 16-Mar-05 Multicast or broadcast control frames can increment the ttlExpiredFrames counter.
0060 Rejected 802.17-2004 05-Apr-05 Incorrect ringlet selection for a bidirectional flooded frame on a center-wrapped station.
0061 Rejected 802.17-2004 05-Apr-05 Problems with topo frames and fairness frames for a center-wrapped station.
0070 Rejected 802.17-2004 D.6 05-Apr-05 There is an entry for client-in broadcast counts, but not multicast.
0071 Rejected 802.17-2004 D.6 05-Apr-05 There is an entry for client-out broadcast counts, but not multicast.
0077 Rejected 802.17-2004 25-Jul-05 If there's a fiber loopback, ReceiveTpFrame can not report this specific error, just a large scope error of miscabling.
0082 Rejected 802.17-2004 12.3.1 27-Sep-05 Add a timestamp mechanism for oam echo request/response frame.
0083 Rejected 802.17-2004 F 29-Sep-05 Problems of cross-ring RPR reliability and rapid switchover.
0087 Rejected 802.17-2004 18-Oct-05 Line 9 condition "myWrappingMethod ==CENTER_WRAP" is not relevant when "myEdgeState==FROM_EDGE".

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