IEEE 802.2 Logical Link Control (LLC)

Working Group (WG) 802.2 developed the Logical Link Control (LLC) standard.

WG 802.2 is officially disbanded. Its completed work was a published standard, variously designated

In 2010, Standard 802.2 was withdrawn by the IEEE. Standards should refer to ISO/IEC 8802-2, which is “stabilized” (active but not updated), instead.

Comments and committee rejoinders to the last reaffirmation ballot (2003) are preserved in a Comment Report, which may serve as a useful reference for understanding the content of former Standard 802.2.


This page is maintained by former 802.2 member Hal Keen. Comments and questions are welcome.

The last (1998) edition of withdrawn Standard 802.2 is available online at the Get IEEE 802™ home page .

The sponsor was the LAN and MAN Standards Committee (LMSC), a.k.a. Project 802.

Last Update: 2011-07-25