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stds-80220-ch-models: Oct. 22 Traffic Models call cancelled + Some items for discussion

The Traffic Models conference call on October 22 
is cancelled. We have another one scheduled
for October 30. Let's try to get some discussion 
going and we can use the Oct 30 call as an interactive aid. 
This should get things going for the Nov 9-14 plenary. 

Our primary agenda is to flesh out the specifics
of the traffic types. See the latest draft
document C802.20-03/80 (presentation in 03/86).
We have tried to prioritize our interest
in traffic types in Table 3.1. There has been
no comment on this so far. We can assume that
it is a reasonably good representation of 
a group consensus. Let us have comments on 
the table within the next week or so.

For specific traffic types, let's start 
with Web browsing and VoIP. These 
are probably the two most important traffic 
types for the evaluation group.
There is a detailed Web browsing model contribution
in doc C802.20-03/43 (ref[1] in draft), which is
based on ref[7]. Does anyone have any issues with 
the Web traffic model?

There is no detailed VoIP traffic model contribution.
This is generally assumed to be important.
Any thoughts?

N. K. Shankar
Editor, 802.20 Traffic Models CG