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[802.3_1PPODL] IEEE P802.3bu D3.0 Initial Sponsor Ballot

Dear Task Force Participants,

With this e-mail, I'd like to announce the IEEE P802.3bu/D3.0 Power over Data Lines (PoDL) Sponsor Ballot has begun.

Open date: 10 June 2016
Close date: 10 July 2016 @ 23:59 AOE

While the ballot is only open to members of the Sponsor Ballot Pool, this letter serves as a standard offer by the Chairman of P802.3bu to participants in this Task Force to review and provide comments which are non-binding for non-members of the ballot pool.

Despite being non-binding, comments from non-pool Task Force participants will be considered as time is available and may serve as a basis for a sponsor ballot pool member to include within their own comments, so your review is very important and appreciated.

We have placed a copy of D3.0 on the private website. To access this draft, please go to; for the *edits only* version, and for the clean version.

A password is required. This password is only given out during Task Force meetings. You may also use the 802.3 general access password to obtain these drafts.

Please be sure to identify comments using the CLEAN version for page number and line number. The method for producing comments outside the Sponsor Ballot pool is similar to the method used for Working Group ballot. Use the spreadsheet tool and be sure to send the email to myself and our chief editor (Andy Gardner).

As a reminder, we updated the figures in D3.0 to FrameMaker format. In that process, while no technical changes were intended, its within possibility. Therefore, please pay careful attention to the figures in addition to your normal review process.

Best regards,
Dan Dove
Chair, IEEE P802.3bu Power over Data Lines (PoDL) Task Force