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Re: [STDS-802-3-25G] Joint ad hoc meetings (P802.3by, 50G/NGOATH SG)

FYI, To augment the Mike Dudek’s presentation today you can test out impact on channels if you are have the r162a version of the COM  computation example code by modifying the following lines in in the configuration file.

T_r     1.20E-02        ns
T_r_meas_point  0       logical
T_r_filter_type 1       logical

The above is for a  Gaussian transition time (T_r) of 12 ps.
Setting T_r_filter_type to 1 enables inclusion of a Gaussian transmitter filter.

… Rich Mellitz

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Subject: Joint ad hoc meetings (P802.3by, 50G/NGOATH SG)
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