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Re: [STDS-802-3-25G] motion to add a new modification to P802.3by Draft 3.2

Thank you, Matt, for taking a proactive approach to keep the Task Force on schedule.  Excellent summary presentation!


I will fully support the motion at the Working Group closing. 






From: Matt Brown (APM) [mailto:000005c69e853fa6-dmarc-request@xxxxxxxx]
Sent: Thursday, March 17, 2016 9:05 AM
To: STDS-802-3-25G@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [STDS-802-3-25G] motion to add a new modification to P802.3by Draft 3.2


Hi 25G task force,


Upon closing the P802.3by task force meeting this week the editors were chartered to created Draft 3.2. It was our belief that there would be no new substantive changes after Draft 3.2 and we would request sponsor ballot approval at the plenary meeting today. A special interim is planned for April 20 to process comments against Draft 3.2 and ideally we would meet the requirements for sponsor ballot approval.


After the P802.3by task force meeting closed this week, we discovered that an important parameter for the backplane PHY (25GBASE-KR) receiver interference tolerance test  (RSS_DFE4) had not be copied over from Clause 93 (100GBASE-KR4). The consistent feedback from the task force experts was that it was assumed that this parameter was included by reference to Clause 93, but that turns out not to be the case.


Normally, we would deal with this by submitting a comment against the next draft. However, since we hope to meet the sponsor ballot approval requirements at the April 20 meeting we would like to make this change in Draft 3.2 rather than in Draft 3.3. Therefore, as part of the closing report at the plenary meeting today, Mark Nowell will be requesting a motion to apply this change in Draft 3.2.


The reasoning for and details of the change are provided in the following presentation:

The requested changes are on slide 5.


Matt Brown