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[802.3_ITSA] IEEE P802.3cx email ballot

Dear IEEE P802.3cx ITSA Participants,


For background:  At our September meeting we approved the responses to the comments on the D3.0 initial SA ballot.  Unfortunately, it’s come to our attention that two of the responses do not follow the guidelines.  Specifically, the proposed responses to both i-18 and i-28 were “Accept” with a note that they pertained to a different section of the text than what the commenter had listed.  The guidelines say that an “Accept” means that we agreed exactly with the change proposed in the comment, but as the notes make clear, this isn’t the case.  Consequently, we have been advised not to proceed to the D3.1 recirculation ballot until this is addressed. 


The best course of action is to change these responses to “Accept in Principle,” which allows for making the changes in the appropriate location and manner, as has already been done in the posted draft D3.1.


Therefore, I am requesting your approval to change the ballots responses from “Accept” to be “Accept in Principle” as follows:






    Comment reference is actually page 54 line 26, suggested change will be made at that location.







    The comment is actually against page 64, line 28, suggested change will be made at that location.



If I receive no objections to making these change by the end of next week (October 22, 2022), the email vote will be considered approved.  The Editor will then be asked to make those changes and we will request proceeding to the D3.1 recirculation. 


Thanks, and best regards,


Steve Gorshe

Chair – IEEE P802.3cx ITSA Task Force


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