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Re: [802.3_NGBASET] 40GBASE-T cabling channel webex

Hi Chris,

My apologies.  After rereading our ad hoc minutes I realize that you are just following through on the action item assigned to you & Wayne at the last meeting.

Thanks for being proactive!


Action Items:

-          S. Vaden agreed to provide port numbering information to the ad hoc; ad hoc to discuss at next meeting

-          M. Grimwood and G. Zimmerman agreed to champion data collection on MDI and isolation path.

-          B. Booth and P. Cibula agreed to champion data collection on PCB stackup and noise for 10GBASE-T systems, beginning with their internal teams.  Others are encouraged to solicit this information as well.

-          W. Larsen agreed, and C. DiMinico (through A. Flatman) requested, to champion the cabling channel MDI-to-MDI efforts outlined on the strawman process slide.

-          P. Cibula to share some of his channel configurations and ones he considers irrelevant for 40GBASE-T



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Hi Chris,

I’m confused.  How does this relate to the channel modeling ad hoc that is already chartered?

Looks like a similar agenda.




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Wayne Larsen and I agreed to champion the cabling channel MDI-to-MDI efforts using the strawman process slides as a starting point  (


To coordinate efforts and to begin building consensus like to schedule weekly conference calls starting June 7 - 8 AM PST (webex to follow). 


Proposed agenda:

Discussion; Modeling and supporting measurements of "possible channel configurations" in

>>Modeling methodology - volunteers

>>Measurements - volunteers




802.3bq cabling champions

Chris DiMinico MC Communications/Panduit

Wayne Larson - Commscope


Possible Channel Configurations


•“X-Axis” – Cable classes
–A: ISO Class 1, up to 30m (x-y-z)
–B: ISO Class 2, up to 30m (x-y-z)
–C: TIA Category 8, up to 30m (x-y-z)
•Can this be merged with A?
•“Y-Axis” – Topologies/lengths
–D: Short channels
•150mm-3m-150mm (“really short”) – Worst case reflection #1
•0.5m-3m-0.5m (“pretty short”) - Worst case reflection #2
•3m - Endpoint to TOR
•5m TOR-adjacent
–E: Other target channels
•1m-10m-1m (ISO short reference channel)
•30m single patch cord (assuming there is one that meets IL…)
•30m asymmetric #1 (1m-26m-3m) – Data center configuration #1
•30m asymmetric #3 (1m-24m-5m) – Data center configuration #2

In a message dated 5/28/2013 4:21:40 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time,


Esteemed Colleagues,

Materials from the May 17th channel modeling ad hoc are posted at:


As discussed during that meeting, the next ad hoc meeting will be Wednesday, June 5th 2013 at 8:00AM PDT. 

Stay tuned for meeting information from Pete & Brad.


Thank you for your participation and contributions toward making 802.3bq the most fun project in 802.3!


David Chalupsky

Chair, 802.3bq 40GBASE-T Task Force,