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[802.3_OMEGA] P802.3cz/D1.1 Task Force Review


Our Chief Editor has completed implementation of comment resolutions on P802.3cz/D1.0 and produced P802.3cz/D1.1.  P802.3cz/D1.1 is now available for Task Force Review at  The P802.3cz username and password have been announced during recent TF interim and ad hoc teleconferences and will be again announced again on our Tuesday 18 May teleconference.  Access to the draft is also supported with the IEEE 802.3 WG private area username and password if you have received those.  (Both of these username/password combinations are different from your IEEE account login/password.)  Some things to note:

1.  Please use the 802.3 Task Force Review and WG Ballot spreadsheet for submittal of comments (also available top of page at the above URL as well as through the tools link on the 802.3 home page).  
2.  There is no voting during TF review, so please leave the MBS (Must Be Satisfied) column empty.  
3.  Please submit comments against the clean version of D1.1 (not the comparison document also available for your convenience).
4.  Please clearly identify what you believe needs to be changed, as well as providing specific suggested remedies for your comments.  When appropriate you can develop, request and make a presentation to the TF about the comment.
5.  If the suggested remedy is best provided with a separate file (e.g., large suggested change or complex changes to figures), such files can be emailed along with your comment spreadsheet.
6.  The deadline for comments is 2 June.  
7.  Send comments to both Luisma Torres (our Chief Editor) and myself at the email addresses CC’ed on this message.  

Some additional notes about the P802.3cz draft (only read if you want to appreciate the complexity our Chief editor deals with):
a.  The draft is written assuming it will be an amendment to the next revision of IEEE Std 802.3, but many of the editing instructions are written referencing IEEE Std 802.3-2018 and its approved and proposed amendments.
b.  P802.3cz/D1.1 was completed about the same time Mr. Adam Healey announced the availability of the initial draft for the IEEE 802.3 revision.  The revision project is sometimes referred to as 802.3dc, but per IEEE SA convention, the revision PAR and consequently the draft use the identification P802.3. 
i.  P802.3/D1.0 includes the 11 published amendments to IEEE Std 802.3-2018.  
ii. The IEEE SA Standards Board approved Amendment 12-P802.3cv/D3.1 May 9th.  This approved amendment is not included in P802.3/D1.0 but will be “rolled-up" in a future P802.3 draft.
iii.  Amendment 13-P802.3ct/D3.4 and Amendment 14-P802.3cp/D3.2 have been submitted to RevCom for consideration in June. Both these projects are currently in what is expected to be their final SA recirculation ballot.  Similarly, these two amendments once approved and published will be “rolled-up” into a future P802.3 draft.
iv.  Additional amendment projects may also be rolled-up into P802 during its review and balloting.
c.  For now we assume that P802.3cz will be the 4th amendment to the future revision IEEE Std 802.3-20xx (P802.3).
e.  Because subclause numbers may be changing whenever an additional amendment is  "rolled-up” into the revision, attempting to help the editor get the subclause numbers right may not be a productive use of your time now.

We look forward to receiving your comments (referenced to the clean version of P802.3cz/D1.1)!

Robert M. (Bob) Grow
Chair, Multi-Gigabit Optical Automotive Ethernet Task Force

Luis Manuel (Luisma) Torres
Chief Editor, P802.3

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