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[802.3_SPEP2P] Major tradeshow announcement of Industrial Automation specification requiring 10BASE-T1L

Hi All,


Relevant to the broad market potential and timing of both the proposed 802.3de (near-term) project and the start of a next-generation long-reach project, applications based on 10BASE-T1L are rolling into the marketplace.  Those interested may wish to attend or review the work being done through the APL Project, enabled by 10BASE-T1L.  Individuals affiliated with the APL Project have made contributions supporting the needs, technical feasibility and requirements for both projects in the Study Group, and this public showcase gives an indication that the market is moving forward and there is broad market potential for both the near-term and long term solutions. These solutions are to be on display at ACHEMA Pulse, which will be online this year.


The APL Project public website provides ACHEMA Pulse information, including the show schedule and a link to the free ticket registration.


There are also multiple whitepapers that inform on the technical solution. There are not low level implementation details. I think if we were to establish a liaison and ask for the technical document, we would need to elaborate the IEEE purpose and the value of sharing. It is clear that the SDOs need access in order that their members can extend the 10BASE-T1L PHY in a uniform way for the intended application space.


Note ACHEMA reaches a broad, international audience of greater than 100,000 attendees from over 150 countries. Clearly the Standards Organizations and the Industry Partners in the APL Project represent a global viewpoint and coverage.


The members of the SDOs ”PROFIBUS Nutzerorganisation e.V., ODVA, FieldComm Group, and OPC Foundation” produce the majority of the candidate devices for the industrial automation market. The common push for and adoption of 10BASE-T1L is an unprecedented up front collaboration to develop a solution to meet user stated requirements. This speaks to the broadness of the adoption within industrial automation.


Given that the show will be online, participants may wish to register and observe the progress and application of related IEEE 802.3 standards firsthand.





David D. Brandt

Engineering Fellow

Rockwell Automation

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Milwaukee, WI 53204-2496

P: 1.414.382.4309



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