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[802.3_SPEP2P] [GT10MbSPE] Website update, minutes, next meeting, actions requested

All –

Thank you for a productive meeting today.  The minutes and meeting files are on the website.

Our next meeting is at the November Plenary (Nov 10), and at the closing 802.3 working group meeting we expect to be asking for rechartering of the study group.




I feel we made some good progress on cleaning up our draft CSD and potential objectives, at least for the 100 Mb/s speed.  We still have work to do but the key points appear to be identified and ready for decision at the next meeting.  If we get those, we are in a good position to request rechartering and proceed towards a completed project in a small number of cycles.


In order to be ready for that, we will need some consensus building, and some contributions (or email discussion on the reflector – always preferable if it is short) on a few points:

I expect straw polls, and possibly votes at the next meeting on at least the following things:

  • A straw poll to update potential participation and breadth of expertise in the project
  • Reach for 100 Mb/s: 400m or 500m.
    • There was significant discussion on this today, and the sense I got was that 400m was supported from technical feasibility, and in line with emerging directions in other standards.  500m may be desirable, (because it is longer and because it aligns with the 1Vpp mode of 10BASE-T1L), but could use more technical feasibility support, particularly in light of power and economic feasibility constraints.  Contributions on technical and economic feasibility for both are encouraged.
  • Support and objectives for a 1000 Mb/s rate PHY
    • We are lacking contributions from PHY SMEs on a 1000 Mb/s PHY, and would need such contributions to support the rate.  Additionally these should speak to reach, latency, constraints, and technical feasibility of such a PHY.


Participants are also encouraged to review the wording on the PAR, CSDs, and Objectives.  Areas highlighted in yellow show those places remaining where it seemed the wording could use some review and possible rephrasing.




George Zimmerman, Ph.D.

President & Principal

CME Consulting, Inc.

Experts in Advanced PHYsical Communications




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