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[802.3_SPMD] Agenda for tomorrow's meeting

All, there is one more thing for the agenda tomorrow. A liaison was forwarded to our TF for review. The letter can be found here:


The letter shares the Nov 2020 draft of TIA-568.5. Scope of this standard:


This Standard specifies minimum requirements for balanced single twisted‐pair telecommunications cabling (channels and permanent links) and components (cable, connectors, connecting hardware, and cords) that are used in commercial buildings and other similar environments. This Standard also specifies measurement procedures for all transmission parameters.

I have placed the draft standard in the P802.3da private area.


We will review the liaison letter tomorrow and determine if any response if required.





Chad Jones

Technical Leader, Cisco Systems

Chair, IEEE P802.3cv Task Force

Chair, IEEE P802.3da Task Force

Principal, NFPA 70 CMP3


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