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Re: [802.3_SPMD] Proposed consensus points for PLCA node assignment

Hi George,
I totally agree on point #1. As i pointed out during the meeting, there have been a lot of work in 802.3cg to show the effects of EMI and EMC. If we do any change here, I believe we need to walk down the same path and show that the solution can achieve both the immunity and emissions requirements for automotive and industrial, which are typically the most demanding use-cases (in terms of EMC).

Personally, I would also add to your list that it is strongly desirable having 802.3da nodes interoperate with 802.3cg nodes from both Clause 147 and 148 perspective.

Thank you,

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Listening to the discussion on Kamal’s presentation today, I’m considering proposing some consensus points for consideration by the group, please respond to the reflector with your opinions, and I can prepare a presentation / motion for consideration. (I’ve numbered them for easy reference).  Please feel free to add, if you see other points of consensus, but at least indicate your agreement or disagreement on these.


Any node assignment protocol for PLCA shall:

  1. Have no impact on EM emissions – preferably demonstrated by measurements (in my experience, EMC ‘plausability arguments’ often result in errors)
  2. Be interoperable with CSMA/CD nodes on the network in a plug-and-play matter, without reconfiguration on detected errors
  3. Be at least as fast as LLDP node ID allocation
  4. Be compatible with nodes transitioning into a sleep state, where they are powered down and do not communicate. (e.g., a EEE (data) sleep mode, a power-down sleep mode as defined in clause 104, or ‘partial networking’ as defined in OPEN alliance)





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