IEEE 802.3 Isolation Ad Hoc

There are subclauses titled 'Electrical isolation' throughout IEEE Std 802.3 requiring isolation meet one of three electrical strength tests with references to IEC 60950-1 'Information technology equipment - Safety - Part 1: General requirements'. However, IEC 62368-1 'Audio/video, information and communication technology equipment - Part 1: Safety requirements' will soon replace IEC 60950-1, as well as IEC 60065 'Audio, video and similar electronic apparatus - Safety requirements'. IEC 62368-1 is not just a merge of these two standards, it is a new standard that has been developed using Hazard-Based Safety Engineering (HBSE), and is more performance oriented.

The IEEE 802.3 Working Group Chair has chartered this ad hoc under the IEEE 802.3 Working Group 'To examine the current text in IEEE Std 802.3 for electrical isolation and text referencing external safety standards, and build consensus on proposed updates to be provided to the Maintenance Task Force'  - re-chartered Thursday Sept 14, 2017 at the Working Group meeting in Charlotte, NC.

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Last Update: 24 September 2017



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