IEEE P802.3at DTE Power Enhancements Task Force
September 16-19, 2008
Seoul, Republic of Korea

Meeting Agenda and General Information

Meeting Minutes

Roll Call Votes


Title Size Author(s) Affiliation
Suggested Remedy for Voffset and Ioffset comments 300kB Yair DarshanMicrosemi Corporation
Wiring Practices1.3MBTerry CobbCommScope
802.3at 5-Criteria and Objectives Housekeeping84kB17 individuals,
see presentation for list
16 companies,
see presentation for list
Transformer and Channel ad hoc1.1MBFred SchindlerCisco Systems
IEEE802 detect signature88kBJeff HeathLinear Technology
Comment Resolution Section 33.652kBAnoop Vetteth
Wael Diab
Cisco Systems
DLL Issues and Solutions24kBAnoop VettethCisco Systems
MPS State Diagram64kBYair DarshanMicrosemi Corporation
Changes to the OVLD state machine16kBMike McCormackTexas Instruments


Title Size Author(s) Affiliation

Other Contributed Material

Title Size Author(s) Affiliation

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