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RE: Question on LLDP extension SNMP MIBs

You have indeed come to the right place to ask these
questions, and I will do my best to answer them.
To answer your first question, yes, the IEEE8023-DOT3-LLDP-EXT-V2-MIB
module is an "official IEEE SNMP MIB" module. It is part of
IEEE Std 802.3.1-2013, which is an approved IEEE standard.
To answer your second question, I quote from the opening
paragraph of IEEE Std 802.3.1-2013:
" This document supersedes and makes obsolete Annex 30A and Annex 30B of IEEE Std 802.3TM-2008,
Annex F of IEEE Std 802.1ABTM-2009,1 IETF RFC 2108 [B20],2 IETF RFC 3621 [B27], IETF RFC 3635
[B29], IETF RFC 3637 [B30], IETF RFC 4836 [B35], IETF RFC 4837 [B36], IETF RFC 4878 [B37], and
IETF RFC 5066 [B38]."
So, there is no intention to use the IEEE8023-DOT2-LLDP-EXT-V2-MIB module
and the LLDP-EXT-DOT3-V2-MIB module simultaneously.
If you have not already done so, I suggest that you obtain the complete copy of
IEEE Std 802.3.1-2013, which is available free of charge via the IEEE GET program.
You will find IEEE Std 802.3.1-2013 here:
Please feel free to contact us with any additional questions.
Howard Frazier
Chair IEEE 802.3 Ethernet MIB modules Task Force
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From: Mark van Tol [mailto:mtol@xxxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Tuesday, April 07, 2015 3:09 AM
To: STDS-802-3-MIB-request@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Cc: Mark van Tol
Subject: Question on LLDP extension SNMP MIBs
Hello Working Group,
Using the e-mail address provided in the IEEE8023-DOT3-LLDP-EXT-V2-MIB
(MIB revision date the 11th of April 2013), I direct myself to you.
In case I was wrong using this e-mail address, please let me know.
I arrived at this MIB searching for SNMP MIB support for the "Power via
MDI TLV" functionality defined in Clause 79 of IEEE Std. 802.3at-2009.
This MIB looks to be the right one for this purpose.
My 1st question is whether this IEEE8023-DOT3-LLDP-EXT-V2-MIB is an
official IEEE SNMP MIB. My view is that it is, but I like to be sure.
My 2nd question is how this MIB compares to the LLDP-EXT-DOT3-V2-MIB,
which covers the more limited "Power via MDI TLV" functionality defined
in Annex F.3 of IEEE Std. 802.1AB-2009. These 2 MIBs use the same names
for the objects defined in both MIBs, however different OIDs are related
to these objects. Simultaneous usage of both MIBs is therefore not
possible, as name/OID resolution would fail.
Has the IEEE8023-DOT3-LLDP-EXT-V2-MIB been defined with the intention to
make the LLDP-EXT-DOT3-V2-MIB obsolete? I.e., should the latter one not
be used any more?
And, why haven't new object names be used in IEEE8023-DOT3-LLDP-EXT-V2-MIB?
I hope you can provide me with answers to my questions. If there are any web
sites I should have looked for answers, but did not do, please let me know.
Thanks a lot in advance, kind regards,
Mark van Tol.
Software Development
AimValley B.V. (The Netherlands)