IEEE P802.3br Interspersing Express Traffic (IET) Task Force

IEEE Standard for Ethernet Amendment Specification and Management Parameters for Interspersing Express Traffic (P802.3br)

December 2015 Task Force interim session
2015-12-10, San Francisco, CA, USA

NOTE: Teleconference attendance will be supported. Please contact Mr. Winkel if you would like to attend and indicate if in person or via teleconference.

Meeting Plan





Thursday 10-December

Embassy Suites by Hilton San Francisco Airport, room 910;
250 Gateway Boulevard, South San Francisco, California, 94080

Ludwig Winkel

12:30pm to 4:00pm PST

The agenda for this meeting will be to consider comments submitted during the D2.4 recirculation ballot. Look in the DMLT reflector (former name of IET) email to get information for the remote access.

Hotel Information

There is no hotel room block for this meeting, you are on your own.

Meeting Registration

There is no meeting fee, hence there is no registration other than sending an email to announcing your presence.

Meeting Material

Meeting Presentations

Meeting Agenda and Meeting Slides rev1

Ludwig Winkel


802.3br Draft D2.4, see private area

Pat Thaler


Draft Meeting minutes

Ludwig Winkel




Meeting Agenda and Meeting Slides rev0

Ludwig Winkel



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