IEEE P802.3bu 1-Pair Power over Data Lines (PoDL) Task Force

Meeting Materials

Title Size/File Date Author(s) Affiliation
All Files (zipped) 4MB/26-July-2016
Agenda and General Information 473KB/25-July-2016 Dan Dove DNS / LTC
Detection & Classification Proposal - Comment i-106 590KB/20-July-2016 David Abramson TI
Proposed text for Environmental subclause - Comment i-127 406KB/20-July-2016 George Zimmerman CME / LTC
Remedy for PSE SD variable power_available comments - Comment i-216 332KB/20-July-2016 Andrew Gardner LTC/
Proposal for Type D PSEs and PDs - Comment i-219 491KB/20-July-2016 Andrew Gardner LTC/
Remedy for comment about PD SD FAULT behavior - Comment i-222 312KB/20-July-2016 Andrew Gardner LTC/
Remedy for Comment i-69 Regarding VOn in Table 104-6 - Comment i-69 547KB/20-July-2016 Andrew Gardner LTC/
Approved July 2016 Minutes 932KB/26-July-2016

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