IEEE P802.3ca 50G-EPON Task Force

Meeting Materials

January 20-21, 2016
Atlanta, GA USA
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18MB | 25-Jan-2016 20:17:05 EST
Agenda, Minutes, Administrative Matters
# Title Presenter Affiliation File
Meeting agenda agenda_3ca_02_0116.pdf
80KB | 15-Jan-2016 13:39:17 EST
General Information and Opening Remarks Curtis Knittle CableLabs tf_opening_3ca_01_0116.pdf
1.8MB | 19-Jan-2016 23:14:46 EST
Chair's Closing Report Curtis Knittle CableLabs tf_closing_3ca_01_0116.pdf
327KB | 21-Jan-2016 17:50:41 EST
Approved Timeline and motion timeline_3ca_0116.pdf
38KB | 21-Jan-2016 16:57:45 EST
Unapproved Minutes of January 2016 meeting minutes_unapproved_3ca_0116.pdf
425KB | 25-Jan-2016 17:30:58 EST
Technical Contributions
# Title Presenter Affiliation File
100G EPON Backward Compatible with 10G EPON M. Emmendorfer Arris emmendorfer_3ca_01b_0116.pdf
735KB | 13-Jan-2016 11:59:42 EST
100G EPON reference Models E. Dai Cox Communications dai_3ca_01_0116.pdf
921KB | 12-Jan-2016 17:22:02 EST
NG-EPON: Considerations on architecture Y. Guo ZTE guo_3ca_01a_0116.pdf
571KB | 15-Jan-2016 13:39:13 EST
Frame latency issues in multi-lane EPON G. Kramer Broadcom kramer_3ca_1a_0116.pdf
2.0MB | 20-Jan-2016 08:50:40 EST
RS Layer work plan D. Remein Huawei remein_3ca_1_0116.pdf
268KB | 11-Jan-2016 16:16:02 EST
Baseline proposals for NG-EPON PCS M. Hajduczenia Bright House Networks hajduczenia_3ca_1_0116.pdf
535KB | 9-Jan-2016 00:14:00 EST
PMD Work Areas F. Effenberger Huawei effenberger_3ca_01_0116.pdf
33KB | 1-Jan-2016 19:18:32 EST
NG-EPON PMD analysis Y. Guo ZTE guo_3ca_02a_0116.pdf
1.0MB | 15-Jan-2016 13:39:14 EST
Towards building a low cost 25G "base PHY" for 100G EPON E. Harstead Alcatel-Lucent harstead_3ca_1b_0116.pdf
834KB | 21-Jan-2016 13:33:32 EST
O-band DWDM NRZ transmission of 100G-EPON H. Lee ETRI lee_3ca_01a_0116.pdf
1.7MB | 13-Jan-2016 18:18:20 EST
Wavelength Plan Proposals F. Effenberger Huawei effenberger_3ca_02_0116.pdf
121KB | 9-Jan-2016 14:13:04 EST
Manage Colors for 100G EPON E. Dai Cox Communications dai_3ca_02_0116.pdf
1.1MB | 13-Jan-2016 18:18:23 EST
Flexible Wavelengths R. Tucker Charter Communications tucker_3ca_1_0116.pdf
387KB | 21-Jan-2016 13:33:02 EST
Post-deadline Presentations and Submissions from the floor
# Title Presenter Affiliation File
Options for placing the channel bonding sublayer G. Kramer Broadcom kramer_3ca_2b_0116.pdf
708KB | 14-Jan-2016 13:43:20 EST
Channel bonding latency model G. Kramer Broadcom kramer_3ca_3_0116.xlsx
6.5MB | 19-Jan-2016 23:18:07 EST
100G EPON Standard Development Timeline and Work Plan Objective J. Salinger Comcast salinger_3ca_01_0116.pdf
1.1MB | 21-Jan-2016 13:33:09 EST
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