IEEE P802.3ca 50G-EPON Task Force

100G-EPON Link Model

Link Model
Version ↑ Change Notes File
1.1 (Unapproved) Updated color code, no technical changes. 3ca_linkmodel_v1_1.xlsm
80KB | 4-Feb-2016 15:11:58 EST
1.0 (Unapproved) Initial version based on P802.3av link channel model with updates for 25Gbps operation. 3ca_linkmodel_v1_0.xlsm
81KB | 4-Feb-2016 15:15:30 EST
Supplemental files
Title Author Affiliation File
Matlab code for calculation of the fiber attenuation for the given wavelength M. Hajduczenia Bright House Networks 3ca_attenuation_G652.m
2.0KB | 4-Feb-2016 15:11:57 EST
Matlab code for SRS penalty calculation M. Hajduczenia Bright House Networks 3ca_srs_penalty_v2.m
1.6KB | 4-Feb-2016 15:11:57 EST
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