25Gb/s single mode fibre call for interest

The following request for agenda time for a 25Gb/s single mode fibre call for interest has been received from David Lewis. It will be discussed at the IEEE 802 LMSC November 2015 Plenary meeting in Dallas, TX, USA.

If you have any questions please get in touch with either or directly.

The IEEE 802.3by Task Force is developing standards that utilize 25 Gb/s technology for cost optimized serial solutions. As adoption of ASIC IO becomes more common across networking silicon, the opportunity to leverage low-cost serial technologies extends beyond the large scale data centers and into enterprise applications. A gap exists in the family of 25 Gb/s Ethernet PMDs which would be needed to fully address the enterprise application and the inclusion of single-mode fiber PMD(s) are needed. There is growing interest from enterprise and cloud services providers in extending 25 GE serial technology to reaches greater than 100 m for applications such as metro network access and building-to-building interconnects. This Call For Interest is a request for the formation of a study group to 1) explore the development of new 25 Gb/s Ethernet single mode fiber PMDs, and 2) evaluate the market requirements supporting the longer-reach 25 Gb/s Ethernet interface.

The call for interest will take place during the IEEE 802.3 Opening Plenary on the morning of Monday 9th November. A call for interest consensus building meeting has been scheduled to occur from 20:00 to 21:00 on the evening of Tuesday 10th November. The vote to determine if a Study Group will be formed will take place at the IEEE 802.3 Closing Plenary on the afternoon of Thursday 12th November.

25Gb/s single mode fibre CFI consensus building meeting presentation

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