IEEE 802.3 Multi Gigabit Automotive Optical PHY Task Force Public Area

March 2021 - IEEE 802 Virtual Plenary - Teleconference AdHoc & Task Force Meeting

Title Size/File Date Author(s) Affiliation
All files (zipped) 8.4MB/Mar-2021
Agenda & Opening Presentation 3.1MB/Mar-2021 Bob Grow RMG Consulting/KDPOF
Agenda & Opening Presentation for 23/March Interim 3.0MB/Mar-2021 Bob Grow RMG Consulting/KDPOF
09&10/March AdHoc Minutes 113KB/Mar-2021 ---- ----
16&17/March Task Force Minutes 126KB/Mar-2021 ---- ----
23/March AdHoc Minutes 100KB/Mar-2021 ---- ----
Chief Editor Report March 2021 381KB/Mar-2021 Luisma Torres KDPOF

Meeting presentations:

Report on ISO TC22/SC32/WG10 NWIP 24581 529KB/Mar-2021 Carlos Pardo KDPOF
Needs of Plastic Optical Fiber for Automobile 236KB/Mar-2021 Yujii Watanabe AGC
Automotive Application of Plastic Optical Fiber 570KB/Mar-2021 Kazuya Takayama Nitto
A proposal of Si-photonics for automobile 4.2MB/Mar-2021 Ichiro Ogura
Kazuhiko Kurata
AIO Core
Steps towards a fair PMD selection 114KB/Mar-2021 Ruben Perez-Aranda KDPOF
Going forward in 802.3cz 79KB/Mar-2021 Carlos Pardo KDPOF
Comments for PMD baseline proposal 59KB/Mar-2021 Takehiro Hayashi HAT LAB Inc.
Silicon Photonics for Automotive
Response to Proposal Assumptions
2.4MB/Mar-2021 Kazuhiko Kurata
Richard Pitwon
AIO Core

Draft comments support documents:

Scrambler initialization based on training sequence OAM #103 43KB/Mar-2021 Ruben Perez-Aranda KDPOF
Redundant Link OAM #130 399KB/Mar-2021 Natalie Wienckowski General Motors

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