Add a "post only" e-mail address to the reflector

  1. To add a post only e-mail address to the reflector, you must use the ListServ web interface.
  2. Enter your name in FirstName LastName format in the "Name:" field.
  3. Under "Acknowledgements" set the option as desired. Either 'No acknowledgements' or 'Short message confirming receipt' are recommended - since this is a post only e-mail address that is being set up remember any posts will be sent to your other subscribed e-mail address as well.
  4. Under "Miscellaneous" set the radio button for "Mail delivery disabled temporarily". This will prevent e-mail from being sent to this e-mail address making it a "post only" address.
  5. Finally press the "Subscribe (STDS-802-3-SPMD)" button. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address which, once acknowledged, will add this address to reflector.

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Last Update: 4 June 2020