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IEEE P802.3da 10 Mb/s Single Pair Multidrop Segments Enhancement Task Force
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Ad Hoc Meeting Material
October 21, 2020 Teleconference Meeting
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Title Size/File Date Author(s) Affiliation
Meeting Agenda 2MB/19-October-2020 Chad Jones Cisco Systems, Inc.
Minutes (Approved Nov 4, 2020) 108KB/29-October-2020 Peter Jones Cisco Systems, Inc.

Physical Layer based Dynamic Node ID management 570KB/19-October-2020 Kamal Dalmia Independent
802.3da & Precision Time Protocol 362KB/21-October-2020 Peter Jones Cisco Systems, Inc.
SPE Multidrop Enhancements Mixing Segment Considerations Update 190KB/21-October-2020 Chris DiMinico
Bob Voss
Paul Wachtel
MC Communications/PHY-SI LLC/SenTekse/Panduit


802.3da & Precision Time Protocol v01a 404KB/21-October-2020 Peter Jones Cisco Systems, Inc.

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