Pictures Taken of Bulguksa in Gyeongju





Lanterns left over from Budha’s birthday.



Drum on a carved turtle.




Guards at the gate of Bulguksa




Legend that a baby was thrown into the casting of the bell to make it ring.



Tombs of the Kings of the Shilla Dynasty


The Seokbinggo Stone Ice House





The Cheomseongdae Observatory

Korean Folk Village

I was told the man is a famous Korean actor making a film at the Korean Folk Village.


Farmer’s traditional dance.



Traditional Seesaw jumping by women.



Tight-rope actrobat.


Traditional Korean Wedding.




They used to use these as backpacks to haul rice and barley stalks.



Traditional clothing.




Selling.  The scissors blades are clashed together to call attention to items for  sale.


Budha in the Folk Village.  Usually cannot take pictures of Budhas in their temples.




How families eat.


Water wheel used to grind rice into flour.


The type of house they made in Cheju island with lava rock and a thatched roof.


The number of Kimchi pots reflect the wealth of the owner.

This is how they used to wash.


Changyeong Palace

In preparation for a presentation of an ancient royal banquet.

Traditional dress of the Elders.


Various traditional clothing being worn in a practice show of an ancient royal banquet.




Preparing to carry the king into the banquet.



Entering for the banquet.


Showing reverence to the King.



Doksung Palance


Guards outside of Doksung Palance.