IEEE 802.3 July 1999 Plenary Minutes

July 5-8, 1999
Montreal, PQ


Unconfirmed Minutes, IEEE 802.3 CSMA/CD PLENARY, Montreal, PQ, July 5-8, 1999

Attachment A1
Monday/Tuesday 802.3 Agenda

Attachment A2
802.3 Voting Member List

Attachment A3
802.3 Voters in Peril

Attachment A4
802.3 Potential Voter List

Attachment A5
July 1999 Attendance List

Attachment A6
802.3 Standards Status

Attachment A7
8802.3 Clause Change Matrix

Attachment A8
Call for patents and example response letter

Attachment A9
Thursday 802.3 Agenda

Attachment B1
FO 2.2.1 Status Update (Hackert)

Attachment B2
TIA Report (Kish)

Attachment B3
TR42 letter on unallocated margin

Attachment B4
TR41 letter on 1 Gb/s Category 6 PHY

Attachment B5
SC25/WG3 Report (Flatman)

Attachment B6
SC25/WG3 letter on Category 6 cable

Attachment B7
SC25/WG3 letter on high performance multimode fiber optic cable

Attachment C
802.16 PAR

Attachment D
Thursday 802.3ad Task Force report (Haddock)

Attachment E1
Tuesday HSSG report (Thatcher)

Attachment E2
Thursday HSSG report (Thatcher)

Attachment F1
DTE Power via MDI Call for Interest (Law)

Attachment F2
Thursday Report on DTE Power via MDI Ad Hoc (Carlson)

Attachment G1
1 Gb/s Category 6 PHY Call for Interest (Cobb)

Attachment G2
Thursday Report on 1 Gb/s Category 6 PHY Ad Hoc (Cobb)

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