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[802.3af] P802.3af Meeting Plan for March 2003 Plenary


Here is the agenda for our meetings next week:

Monday 1PM - 5PM 802.3 Opening Plenary Meeting

Tuesday 8:30AM-5:30PM  Comment Resolution

Wednesday 8:30AM - 12:00PM Comment Resolution

Wednesday 1:00PM - 5:30PM D4.2 creation hands-on with Editors

Thursday 8:30AM - 12:00PM D4.2 creation hands-on with Editors

Thursday 1:00PM - 5:30PM 802.3 Closing Plenary Meeting

I have planned on 1 1/2 days for comment resolution, and 1 day for making
the agreed-upon changes to the draft. This will allow time for proofreading
the changes to insure accuracy.

I intend for D4.2 to be the final recirculation of our project. Please come
prepared to help us achieve this goal. The comment database has been posted
to the Website. Please download it and read it prior to the meeting. I want
to move through the Editorials quickly and vote them as a bucket. We will
then concentrate on the TR's, and finally the T's.

Please read all comments carefully and make sure that you understand them.
If you have submitted comments, please re-read them equally carefully to
make sure that you have not made an error in interpreting the draft. Be
prepared to provide explanation and support for your comment during our

Finally, please note that a number of comments have been marked as "Out of
Scope" since they refer to portions of the draft that did not change from
D4.0. If these comments uncover something that is broken in the draft, then
the TF will act on them. If they simply represent a desire by the commenter,
they will be rejected and the TF will affirm the text as it stands.

I look forward to seeing you in Dallas.



Steven B. Carlson
Co-Chair, ESTA Control Protocols Working Group
Chair, ESTA ACN Task Group
Chair, IEEE 802.3af DTE Power via MDI Task Force
Secretary, IEEE 802.3 CSMA/CD Working Group
High Speed Design, Inc.
11929 NW Old Quarry Road
Portland, OR 97229
FAX 503.626.4206