IEEE 802 EC Privacy Recommendation Study Group

Disbanded by approval of the 802E PAR on 3 September 2015


On 14 July 2014 a Tutorial on Pervasive Surveillance of the Internet - Designing Privacy into Internet Protocols was presented at the IEEE 802 Plenary meeting in San Diego.

The Tutorial provided an update on the recent developments regarding Internet privacy, the actions that other SDOs such as IETF are taking, and guidelines that are being followed when developing new Internet protocol specifications (e.g. RFC 6973).

The Tutorial highlighted some Privacy concerns applicable specifically to Link Layer technologies and provided suggestions on how IEEE 802 can help addressing them. As a result of the discussions and interest within the IEEE 802 community, on 18 July 2014 the IEEE 802 Executive Committee (EC) created an IEEE 802 EC Privacy Recommendation Study Group (SG).


The IEEE 802 EC Privacy Recommendation Study Group got disbanded on 3 September 2015. However, the work and discussions from the group have generated multiple outcomes:

The mailing list (email reflector) and docuement repository remain actively used for discussing privacy topics related to IEEE 802 and IETF protocols. Instructions on how to subscribe can be found below in this web page.

Privacy EC SG Scope (historical)

The IEEE 802 EC Privacy Recommendation SG will study privacy issues related to IEEE 802 technologies and consider the need for a recommended practice applicable to IEEE 802 protocols. If such a need is identified, the SG will determine whether the IEEE 802 criteria for standards development (CSD) support the initiation of a project and, if so, it will prepare a PAR for consideration by the IEEE 802 Executive Committee.

Call for Proposals (historical)

The Study Group is currently soliciting input documentation to progress the development of the work. Particularly, the group seeks inputs on the following topics:

  1. IEEE 802 PAR/CSD Text on Scope and Purpose
  2. Threat Model for Privacy at Link Layer
  3. Privacy Issues at Link Layer
  4. Proposals regarding functionalities in IEEE 802 protocols to improve Privacy
  5. Proposals regarding measuring levels of Privacy on Internet protocols
  6. Implications of MAC address changes
  7. Other privacy-related topics

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