IEEE 802.19 Closing Report - July 2005

The TAG completed the recirculation of the letter ballot on the 802.19 Policies and Procedures (P&P). A procedure was added to the P&P describing how the TAG will vote on a coexistence assurance (CA) document accompanying a wireless working group letter ballot. The TAG chair met with the 802 vice chair to review the new P&P and the 802 vice chair identified a few areas where the P&P needs improvement. Hence, the TAG chair will run another letter ballot after the IEEE meeting to address those issues.

The TAG discussed whether we should set up a liaison with IEEE 1900.2.  The TAG decided it would be a good idea and directed the TAG chair to send an email to the 1900.2 chair to investigate establishing a liaison between the two groups. The TAG chair sent an email and received a response. The two chairs will discuss the idea later this week.

The TAG developed a presentation with a series of question to the 802.11 contention-based protocol (CBP) study group. The questions were intended to gain a better understanding of the scope of the PAR and to identify whether 802 is likely to have one or multiple standards operating in the 3650-3700 MHz band. The TAG chair presented the material at the CBP study group and the presentation was updated with summary responses to the questions. Document 802.19-05/0023r2 captures that Q&A.

The TAG chair and the 802.11 and 802.15 liaisons met to discuss what current 802 projects require a coexistence assurance document. A list of those projects was sent to the 802 executive committee and the 802.19 voters. The 802 chair has subsequently asked the chairs of the respective working groups to confirm that the projects on the list do indeed require a CA document.

The TAG invited several experts to present a summary of the coexistence related aspects of several standards/specifications operating in the unlicensed bands. Presentations were given on IEEE 802.15.1 (802.19-05/0018r0), IEEE 802.16 (802.19-05/0025r0) and cordless telephones (802.19-05/0026r0). The purpose of this activity is to collect information about coexistence related aspects of all the 802 unlicensed wireless standards to assist the working groups in developing coexistence assurance documents.

The TAG chair and the vice chair met with a subset of the 802.15.4b task group to advise the task group on how to develop a CA document for 802.15.4b. We discussed the technical details of 802.15.4b and how to best develop a CA document for 802.15.4b.