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[802SEC] March Minutes and reports

I have posted the minutes from the March session and the end of session
reports on the web site.  They can be found at

Please take a look, there is much missing material from both the minutes
and the reports.  If your group does not have a report with an active
link, I have not received it.  Please send it to me.  If you find a page
in the minutes that says "from <your name here>", it means you presented
something and did not give it to the secretary.  In order to complete
the minutes, please send me the missing material.  If I have made a
mistake and you did not present anything, please let me know that, also
(along with the day, agenda item number, and page in the minutes) and I
will correct it.

Thank you for your attention to these matters.


Bob O'Hara
Director of System Engineering, Founder
Airespace, Inc.
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San Jose, CA 95134-2307

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