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Re: [802SEC] [802-11WG] UPDATE from 802 EC Closing Meeting in Atlanta March 2005

Per Electronic Balloting of the 802 PandP, I am delegating the conduct of the 10 day 802.11w press release EC email ballot to you. 
It is a straightforward process--use one of the prior EC email ballot's as a guideline.
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Sent: Friday, March 18, 2005 7:01 PM
Subject: [802-11WG] UPDATE from 802 EC Closing Meeting in Atlanta March 2005

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802.11 Members,
I am pleased to announce the following items of importance to the 802.11 WG from the closing 802 EC meeting here in Atlanta:
- 802.11w PAR - APPROVED for forwarding to NesCom / Standards board for Approval.
"Update to 5 Criteria document to be revised to include Coexistence Assurance (CA) statement and filed with 802 EC" 
- 802.11 Contention Based Protocol Study Group (CBP SG) - APPROVED - Which I have asked Peter Ecclesine to Chair.
"SG must work with other interested parties, i.e. 802.15, 802.16, 802.19, 802.20, etc. to include their needs"
- 802.11w Press Release - TO BE APPROVED VIA 10 DAY EC EMAIL BALLOT.
See you all at the 802.11 Interim session during May 2005 in Cairns, Australia,
/ Stuart
Stuart J. Kerry
Chair, IEEE 802.11 WLANs WG
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