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[802SEC] Discussion session on 802c, use of the "locally administered address space" and privacy

Dear EC members,


Please circulate to your working groups / TAGs,



Dear 802 member,


There has been a fair amount of discussion in various 802-related email threads in the context of 802c,  use of the “locally administered address space” and privacy.


As I understand it,  802c is proposing a means to allocate from the locally administered address space,  in order to solve

the matter of assigning MAC addresses to virtual machines.


There has been discussion of using randomised local MAC addresses as a means of preventing tracking/surveillance of

devices that use a static MAC address.   This is potentially a concern for 802 wireless devices that have a 48-bit MAC address.


At first sight these two requirements seem to compete for the use of the locally administered MAC addresses.

Given the cross-WG interests here,  and given that the 802 EC has to decide on approval of the 802c PAR on friday

of the November 802 session,   a session will be held on Monday 3rd November, 2014 (in the vacant “tutorial #3” slot) at 9:30-10:30pm

(Logistics and Agenda TBC by the 802 EC).


I suggest the purpose of this meeting is primarily technical one.  Below is a non-exclusive list of possible topics.

Please indicate your intention to present,  plus title of your presentation to the 802 EC recording secretary,  John D’Ambrosia



Possible topics:

·         Are randomized MAC addresses effective in any sense?   Are they necessary?

·         What size of address space is effective for randomization

·         What technical issue is 802c solving

·         What are the likely solutions for 802c

·         What are the rules governing the use of the locally administered address space

·         What are the current uses of the locally administered address space

·         Are the needs of 802c and MAC address privacy necessarily in conflict?




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