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Re: [802SEC] schedule the 1st meeting of the 802 restructuring ad hoc


That is a good suggestion, identifying specific problems makes sense.  I'd appreciate it if you prepare an initial list as a straw-man and share it on the EC reflector, just to get the discussion going.

Also, I want us to be open to thinking about ways to improve 802's efficiency and responsiveness to the participants and stakeholders needs.  As mentioned in my presentation, I feel giving WG/TAGs more autonomy will be beneficial.  It's like being a parent -- eventually the children grow up and are on their own.  The family remains intact, it just becomes distributed, and they still gather occasionally for special events.



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Subject: RE: [802SEC] schedule the 1st meeting of the 802 restructuring ad hoc



                In terms of the agenda for the meeting I would suggest adding,


  • Specifying what problem(s) we are trying to solve


For example, years ago I could argue that the EC delayed progress since WGs needed to wait 4 months between Plenary sessions to get approval from the EC, for a variety of approvals (SG approval, PAR approval, Approval to Send to SA Ballot, Approval to Send to RevCom).  Now that we are having monthly calls, most of those approvals do not cause much delay.   One could argue that PAR approval might be causing some delay, so maybe that is something to consider.


So in any case, I would like us to specify what problems we are trying to solve before discussing the solution.





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Subject: [802SEC] schedule the 1st meeting of the 802 restructuring ad hoc


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Dear EC Members,


Attached is the slide I used during the discussion on considering establishing an 802 ad hoc to evaluate restructuring options.  We agreed to establish the ad hoc with me as chair and to limit the ad hoc membership to each 802 EC member and one individual per each WG or TAG, as designated by the WG/TAG chair. 


I want to schedule our first meeting for 10-11am ET Tuesday 8 December or Tuesday 15 December, please let me know which of these two days is better for you.  Please respond by 25 November 2020.


The draft agenda for the first meeting is:
- discuss the draft scope of the ad hoc: consider the pros and cons of various restructuring options

- schedule 1 hour meetings at least once per month for 2021, (with rotating times to maximize convenience across multiple time zones)

- discuss the proposed deliverable: a well vetted and socialized recommendation for EC consideration within 12 months






p.s. from the draft minutes

Action Item – Nikolich to chair 802 Restructuring ad hoc and hold first meeting during Dec 2020. All members of EC invited to participate in ad hoc.
Action Item – WG / TAG Chairs – identify one individual (other than an EC member) to represent their respective group in the 802 Restructuring ad hoc

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