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[802SEC] Motions for consideration on the Dec 1, 2020 teleconference

Dear EC members,
I am bringing the following three motions for consideration on the Dec 1st teleconference.
Please let me know of any questions.
Motion 1: 

         Approve sending P802.15.4y D2.0 to SA Ballot

         Confirm the CSD for P802.15.4y in ec-18-0084-00-ACSD-802-15-4y

         See for supporting documentation

         WGLB on P802.15.4y D2.0 Closed 2020-10-29; Result (y/n/a): 43/1/15

         In the WG: that EC sends P802.15.4y D2.0 to SA Ballot (y/n/a): 29/0/1


         Moved: Pat Kinney

         Seconded: Jay Holcomb

Motion 2: 

         Approve sending P802.15.9ma D2.0 to SA Ballot

         Confirm the CSD for P802.15.9ma in

         See for supporting documentation

         WGLB on P802.15.9ma D2.0 Closed 2020-10-08; Result (y/n/a): 37/0/11

         In the WG: that EC sends P802.15.9ma D6.0 to SA Ballot  (y/n/a): 29/0/0


         Moved: Pat Kinney

         Seconded: Jay Holcomb

Motion 3: 

         Approve sending P802.15.13 D4.0 to SA Ballot

         Confirm the CSD for P802.15.13 in

         See for supporting documentation

         WGLB on P802.15.13 D4.0 closed 2020-11-12; Result (y/n/a): 53/2/10

         In the WG: that SE approves sending P802.15.13 D4.0 to SA Ballot (y/n/a): 23/0/3


         Moved: Pat Kinney

         Seconded: Jay Holcomb

Pat Kinney
Kinney Consulting LLC
IEEE 802.15 WG chair, IEEE 802.15 SCm chair, IEEE 802.15.12 chair
ISA100 co-chair, ISA100.20 chair
M: +1.847.997.3775
O: +1.847.960.3715

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