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[802SEC] reminder -- March 2024 802 EC Election Process -- candidate notification deadline 08:00am MT Monday 11 March 2024

Dear EC members,

Please share this reminder email with your groups by end-of-day tomorrow 07 February 2024 AOE.

Any potential candidates for 802 LMSC Chair, and those who have tentatively been selected for the 802 LMSC appointed positions, must notify me and the Recording Secretary, John D'Ambrosia, no later than 8am MT Monday 11 March 2024, of their intention to serve in those roles.  This includes submitting the appropriate endorsement and affiliation documentation.  Sooner is better than later.

The text regarding the March 2024 802 EC Election Process is available in PDF form at




March 2024 802 EC Election Process

Per the LMSC P&P (8 Feb 2021) sections 3.0 (Officers), and 4.0 (Membership), the “term for all officers of the Standards Committee ends at close of the first plenary session of each even numbered year.” Accordingly, election/appointments are scheduled to occur at the March 2024 Plenary Session.  


As noted in March 2022, I will not stand for re-election as Chair of 802 LMSC.  To date, one candidate – James Gilb – has announced an intention to stand for the Chair position.  


Each LMSC Chair candidate should, prior to the start of the March 2023 Plenary Session, identify individuals to serve in the LMSC Appointed Officer positions:

Appointed Voting Members:

·         first Vice-Chair, second Vice-Chair, Recording Secretary, Executive Secretary and Treasurer.

Appointed Non-Voting Members:

·         Members Emeritus (at the discretion of the LMSC Chair)

·         Hibernating Working Group Chairs: 802.16 WG, 802.21 WG, and 802.22 WG

·         Standing Committee (SC) Chairs: 802 Wireless Chairs SC, 802/IETF SC, 802/ITU SC, 802/JTC1/SC6 SC


According to the P&P, all “appointed and elected positions become effective at the end of the plenary session where the appointment/election occurs.” Since, per the P&P, the officer and other member appointments are made by the “Standards Committee Chair,” rather than the Chair-Elect, the Chair-Elect would not have the opportunity to make appointments until after the close of the session, when the membership terms have expired. All appointments would then remain filled on an “acting” basis pending confirmation at a subsequent plenary session. To avoid this delay, it is my intention to, as Chair, appoint individuals as previously identified by the Chair-Elect. The resulting appointments could then proceed directly to confirmation during the March plenary.


LMSC Executive Committee Position summary:




802 Standards Committee Chair/LMSC Chair


elected by the Working Group Chairs and Technical Advisory Group Chairs who are Voting Members of the Standards Committee;  confirmed by appointment of the Computer Society Vice President, Standards Activities.




Active WG Chairs and Vice-Chairs:
802.1 WG, 802.3 WG, 802.11 WG, 802.15 WG, and 802.19 WG


elected by WG, confirmed by EC

Active TAG chairs:
802.18 TAG and 802.24 TAG


elected by TAG, confirmed by EC

802 Officers:
1st Vice-Chair, 2nd Vice-Chair, Executive Secretary, Recording Secretary, and Treasurer


appointed by Chair, confirmed by EC




802 Members Emeritus


appointed by Chair, non-voting, confirmed by EC

Hibernating WG Chairs:
802.16 WG, 802.21 WG, and 802.22 WG


appointed by Chair, non-voting, confirmed by EC

Standing Committee (SC) Chairs:
802 Wireless Chairs SC, 802/IETF SC, 802/ITU SC, 802/JTC1/SC6 SC, and 802 Public Visibility SC


appointed by Chair, non-voting, confirmed by EC




Total positions


13 voting positions, 8+ non-voting positions






Election Process:

·         802 Working Group and Technical Advisory Groups to hold elections for Chair and Vice-Chair positions during the March plenary session.

         Reminder to Chairs: please record and report numerical results of all elections.

·         Sequence of 802 Executive Committee Elections/Confirmations at the closing 802 EC meeting

1.       LMSC Chair-Elect to be elected by current Working Group and Technical Advisory Group Chairs.

2.       Nikolich intends to appoint individuals as identified, prior to the start of the March Plenary Session, by the eventual LMSC Chair-Elect.

3.       Confirmation of Nikolich’s appointments by current EC voting members will be considered.

4.       Confirmation of LMSC WG/TAG Chair and Vice-Chair elections will be considered by current EC voting members.


If you, or others, wish to be considered for the LMSC Chair position or the appointed positions, please contact me and the Recording Secretary as soon as possible. Descriptions of the positions are included below.


Please circulate this notice to your WG and TAG members by 13 October 2023 so they have adequate time to consider it before the March Plenary Session.


Finally, all potential EC members--please remember to submit your letter of endorsement and disclosure of affiliation to John D’Ambrosia as soon as possible, but not later than the March 2023 opening EC meeting.


All candidates: please carefully review the Disclosure of Affiliation FAQ ( and the IEEE Standards Board Bylaws, Disclosure of Affiliation ( to ensure you are in compliance with the policy.





Paul Nikolich

Chair, IEEE 802 LAN/MAN Standards Committee


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