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Re: [802SEC] Redundant training requirements - is it just me?

Ben - I took the new training, which seems to have been revamped since last time I did it. I found the new training had been significantly improved and was worthwhile (including some decent anti-dominance material).
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On Feb 7, 2024, at 11:52 AM, Benjamin Rolfe <> wrote:

I received an email from "" this morning, well I fished it out of the spam/scam bin this morning.
The subject is "Understanding IEEE SA's Antitrust, Competition, and Commercial Terms Policies--New Required IEEE Training Assignment"
Note "new requirement". I have completed several courses on this topic.  Most recently I completed this exact course in October of 2023.   This is clearly shown in my ILM transcript.  Wondering if this was a mistake, after several dozen clicks I found this helpful notice:


 You have one or more training assignments for this item. You may have completed this item for a previous training assignment, but you need to complete it again for the current training period."


explicitly admitting that this is completely redundant and advising me that I must do this despite it serving no useful purpose.  

I am wondering if anyone else has received this same requirement, or is it just me?  Asking for a friend....


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